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  • 10 years ago

150 INR for FIR *******

Reported on March 11, 2012 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #31353

It happened long back when i lost my Sim card and was told to get a FIR copy to get a new sim. When i went to the police station i was VERY CLEARLY told that i have to pay 150 INR to register a complain and give the copy of the FIR. I told them that the Sim carries only 10 INR and that i need just for the number purpose.

They argued and insisted me to pay them bribe or else they will not register the complain. I told I won't be paying any such amount and walked off the police station. Went to the ***** office and requested to give me duplicate sim. After verification of my identity doc they provided the replacement sim without the FIR copy.

After that I understood why many ppl in our great INDIA are scared to complain. As even to complain they have to pay bribe. Getting justice is a far away case.

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