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  • 7 years ago

Annoying Long Waiting Ques Again after making online test slots and payments

Reported on March 16, 2016 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #96009

I obtained an online slot time 11:00-12:00 a.m. at hyderabad W.Z to obtain a Learners License, I followed all the instructions given by all medias and i was present atleast 1 hour before the time given, i had to submit the form 1A and form2 duly filled and signed along with all xerox copies of required documents at Counter No:8, there were about 40 to 50 people in the que, i followed the same que, after waiting 1 hour i am surprise to see that the line is moving v.slowly and still i have about 30-35 people ahead of me!!! started looking around and found that there are so many agent/middle man bringing two three four applications and the counter 8 officer is accepting all those applications while leaving the applicants who are in Que!!!??? wow i asked the people standing in front side that why they are quite and allowing the officer to accept those non-que applications, hense no result, i started asking the officer that why is he accepting the applications who are not in the que? He Tried to scare me with his loud voice and stupid arguments etc etc, i went to a higher officer to report this, still no change, started taking video with my mobile phone and raised my voice that i will report all this to any news channel and to higher officers who can take necessary action, then the counter 8 officer again started shouting at me and tried to Scare me, I had to quarrel a lot with many middle men and police constables and other officers to stop this and que started to move faster. Why, bcoz if i go out from the que they can do their work :) LOL.
The sad thing is People are less worried or Illitrate-Litrates, and no one want to join my voice, and this will happen everday if no systematic discipline maintained by both sides.
It took almost 3 and a hlaf hour to complete the LL process. and the funniest part in this is Computer based test took not more than a minute to show me "Congratulations" on passing the test in first 12 questions :).

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