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  • 8 years ago

Asked for bribe money in the name of fees for Police verification work

Reported on March 8, 2016 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #95137

This comes from way back but it is quite hilarious story. I went to police station well before scheduled time to see there were 5-6 people waiting before me for their turn. I waited till they went inside a room where the officer along with an constable were sitting.
When it was my turn I went inside, I gave him all the documents which he asked for along with the details he needed to verify against my Passport application form.
Once everything was over he said there is fees of 300 INR for processing the application. I was little shocked as I was completely unaware of the fees part.
This was my first time and I had no idea of any such thing happens in a police station. I had the required money with me. I took out the money and kept it in front of officer on the table. He instantly took it and pulled a drawer below the table and kept it safe inside it. After which he passed a weird smile and asked where am I going out of India. I mentioned him it wasn't the case and I needed the passport for my joining formalities in a company.
To which he said "aaj nhi to kaal to jaoge hi". I just nodded. After that he said I am done and I should wait for few days for the process to complete after which I should get me passport. I thanked him and was about to leave when I realized that he didn't gave me any receipt for the 300 bucks I gave him. I asked him that "Can I get a receipt of the payment done". He looked me dumbfounded. Also the constable sitting next table gave me a look. I repeated "why whats the issue, I paid you 300 as the processing fee and for any government work normally we get a receipt for the payment done". He was almost angry by then. He pushed himself behind and pulled the drawer to take out the money I paid and said "Go away with your money". I was puzzled what made him angry and when I looked at the constable who was still looking at me realized it wasn't official fees but the hand greasing amount to process my application.
I kept thinking what to do on which the officer got up from his seat and walked out of the room. The constable said why I made the officer angry and now I am responsible if my application is not processed. I was sceptical what I should do now. I waited for him to come back and explain my situation but he didn't returned. I picked the money and went away.
After a month or so I received my passport which I was doubtful about.

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