• Bribe Fighter
  • 6 years ago

Asked for bribe to get paperwork done.

Reported on April 25, 2018 from Dadri , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #181777

Officer - Post master and her assistant(probably) for fighting with people
Name of assistant - ARVIND SEHGAL
Date and time - 24 apr 2018 , 11:00AM
Location - post office dadri (gautam budha nagar, UP)
MATTER - My father is a loyal customer of post-office and have a savings account.
He used a kisaan vikaas patra dated 3 feb 2018 in a bail of a friend. Few days back he got his documents and clearence back from court which he submitted in the post office. But, even after providing the post office with all the necessary documents they still are not processing further and yesterday asked for a bribe of 2000 for processing the documents further.
The lady postmaster even has a assistant (name mentioned above) who has a job of shouting on people, misbehaving with them, making fun of their illiteracy, and they actually made fun of my father because he was unable to write his name in english.
Kindly do something to stop this nonsense so that people can get their work done in a systematic way.

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