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  • 11 years ago

Bribe asked by a Police officer on August 15th!!!!!!!!

Reported on August 19, 2011 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #31644

We were visiting Mysore Palace on Aug 15th with our 3 little kids. When we went inside the palace we didnt see any No Photography allowed sign on our way but at the screening center inside the palace ground a security officer asked me to pay 20 rs as he saw camera inside my bag. I paid it though couple of other visitors were arguing with him about the payment. If we dont pay that 20/- he said you have to walk all the way to the gate and give the camera at the entrance where there is a camera deposit place. Which most doesnt prefer as it was a very hot afternoon.

Anyway paid 20 Rs and got in and we had no intention of taking any pics inside the palace but everyone around us was clicking pictures around us with mobile phone camera's and regular camera's so before exiting the first palace my husband said lets take a picture of the garden and we took a pic of our kids in front of the garden and that moment the security who was silent all through the time when so many college students were clicking pics right in front of him called some other officer and they came to us and told us to come aside. He said we took picture inside the palace which is not allowed and so we have to give him the camera and collect it after 2 days from the police station. With this I said ok I took one photo because so many people are taking pics around me and I showed him that but he told me taking photographs with camera phone is ok but you took it with your camera. I was shocked... I couldnt understand the logic behind it. I didnt even use a camera with Flash in it to differ it from a camera phone. But to avoid more talks as we have our 3 little ones with us we told him we can delete that picture right in front of him and wont use that camera again inside the palace. But he was very adamant. He took my camera from my hand and put it in his pocket and said No you have to come to the station to collect it. Then he asked me to move aside and told my husband he wanted to talk to him alone. We could smell something fishy at the way that officer is acting.

The officer then asked my husband about our travel details and he said we wont be able to come and pick up the camera after two days as we are on our way to bangalore where he works. Then the officer asked him to pay Rs. 500/- to forget the incident. He said as we are traveling with family he will excuse the whole incident if we pay him the money he asked. My husband didnt agree to it and said he would like to talk to the head of the security and then they had a lot of talks in n out and later the officer gave us the camera back and my husband didnt give in to paying him any rishwath.

I was so irritated.... people all around are wearing tri color flags on their chest... and forget any other day... God its August 15th!!! and we are inside the great Tippu's Palace and this officer had the guts to ask bribe..... I felt so ashamed in front of my little ones who are not Indian Citizens and to whom I was so proudly explaining all the importance of the Independence Day and the great Tippu *******

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