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  • 4 years ago

Bribe to police in daitari police station

Reported on September 16, 2017 from Kendujhar , Orissa  ι Report #169136

On date 7th September,2017 I have been to police station to report the complaint for my loss of passport. At around 8:43, the police incharge, Ranjan ( like to call him Ranjan, without any salutations) asked me some bribe to log that complaint. I straight forwardly said no to it. Then he said, he is busy and will do that in time. I said that, he can take all his time but, will not give any money as bribe. After a day, I went there to ask for the same. That time, he behaved very badly. He started using slangs and un- parliament language. I was hearing everything. But, has not spoken a single word. After He finished his version, I asked for the status of my complaint again. This time, he handed over the signed complaint extract. I folded the same and returned without uttering a word.

Later, I found that the complaint is invalid as there is no stamp of the said police station. So, I went ahead and lodged a complaint myself. This time, online. No hassles, no problem, no questions asked. Just simple and clear.

I would like to inform everyone for the same. If, you think that you haven't done anything wrong, then get off from this f***ING police system and lodge a complaint online. Simple and effective.

And for that policeen called Ranjan, I just have one curse. one day, you will be punished for this bribery. Better start behaving. You f**ING assh***.

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