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Date 27.08.2013 Time: 1345 Place: Block E, Lajpat Nagar-III, New…

Reported on October 4, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #36232

Date 27.08.2013
Time: 1345
Place: Block E, Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi - 110024.
Victim: Sr Citizen, Mrs Schiella Batra (85 Yrs)
Oppressor: BSES, BRPL KCC Division.

5 men dressed in casual's wearing caps enter the premises of a Sr. Citizen claiming to be from BSES, in Hindi translating verbatim: "We have orders to disconnect your power supply due to non-payment. Send 15000/ by 8pm to our 3c's counter, else we'll disconnect from outside if you resist opening the door."

Bewildered, the 85 Yr old Senior Citizen observed the 5 men carefully and asked for their ID Proofs. They had none on them. They then called someone on their mobile and turned to give the phone to her. The man on the other side identified himself as an employee of BSES and repeated his men's threat. The senior citizen told him, "You don't expect me to come? Would you have any paper/ notice that I can read/ handover to my caretaker when she returns after 6pm?" Unmoved, the Man on the other side only repeated, "pay-up by 8pm or we disconnect. If you resist opening the door we'll disconnect from outside."

1404 I rec'd a call from my neighbor, while I was at High Court. Surprised, I called my mother's (the senior citizen) mobile. Switched off. I called home no one answered. I called the neighbor back and my mother answered and as she recounted her horror with a trembling voice, I could hear she was petrified. I tried asking her were they from KC meter/ Domestic. She repeated, "just come back home immediately because they said they will cut our power.”

Between 1420 - 1630 PM, I was on constant call with all BSES Officers; I could manage to speak to including our KCC Meter Reader. Unanimously they all said:
1) No officer of BSES is allowed to go to any consumer's house without ID Proof, including the lineman. Plus no BSES employee is entitled to act as collection agent. The Payment Kiosks close at maximum 5:30 PM. Thus these men were not BSES.
2) And if at all BSES had ordered disconnection the Protocol wasn't followed. The linemen should be accompanied by a BSES Bonafide Employee; with a copy of disconnection order that would be rec'd by the consumer and counter signed. Only then the meter is disconnected. In the event of none of this, BSES advises online. The consumer should call 100.

I still rushed back by 5 pm and straight went to BSES Counter at 3C’s, where I was informed that only Engineering staff of BSES is posted there and they are in no way entitled to go for collection. The Officer further informed that only a kiosk for payment collection was allowed to facilitate residents; but that too closes at 3 PM. He then gave me a Mr Pushpadeep BM’s number, whom I called immediately at 17:15 PM. When he didn't answer, I sent him an SMS to call back. I then called a beat const at about 18:54 PM to know where all do they have this BSES center in Lajpat Nagar. He informed me near Aryasamaj Mandir, next to the car mechanics. I immediately sent my helper to find out. To my shock, I was informed that the BSES branch is a complaint center and it closes at 17:30 PM.
I again called Mr Pushpadeep who called me back at 19:01 and related the whole incident. After a few information’s, he said, “Madam, firstly, your power cannot be disconnected on non payment, because the reading’s just been taken and the bill is yet to be generated. Secondly, even in the worst scenario, no BSES officer has the authority go for collection/ disconnection esp. to any Lady Senior Citizen’s residence without being accompanied by a notice/ letter/ a local Constable. Please be rest assured, these people were not from BSES. Still, I would request you to send me your CA no. and I’ll have it taken up at the highest level at our end at BSES.”

Day 2: 28.08.2013
Time: Afternoon about 15:00 PM I reported the incident to Emergency Officer Pritam Singh from the local Police Station.
Time: 6:00 PM
I gave a written complaint about the same to the Local Police Station, Received by the Division Officer, S.I. Amit Kumar who promised action on priority, with an assurance and advise, if they return again, I should immediately call 100 and inform him too.

Day 3: 29.08.2013
Time: 11:29 AM
Incident: Two of those five men returned with the same intention, again without any ID proofs on their person, nor any order, not even our CA/ CRN No.

As advised earlier, I called 100 and informed the D.O. S.I. Amit Kumar; while I detained the two impostors at my risk, till Constable Kishan Kumar from Local Police Station came to apprehend them, with the assurance that they will be dealt with sternly for trespass and harassment by Intimidating a Sr. Citizen on 27 August 2013 in my absence and also misleading us to run from Pillar to post to check credentials of their employment. Thereafter I also spoke to the Division Officer S.l. Amit Kumar who assured me that he was on his way and that he had already informed the Thana to not let go of these two till he took over. However when Const Kishan reached the police station with the two apprehended he put me on to S.l. Shambhu to whom I categorically
Stated, ‘Officer I’m on my way, please don't let them off till I came to the Police station to know their exact motives.’ However, within 10 mins of both S.l. Amit first and my reaching the Lajpat Nagar Police Station to know their intent, the S.I. Shambu had already let the two off, stating that the manager came and he verified their employment, so he let them off over-riding my complaint, by taking theirs?

My complaint was strictly about the 5 miscreants trespass my premises with the intent to intimidate Sr Citizen without any ID Proofs. That is what I wrote in my earlier complaint received by the DO S.l. Amit Kumar on 28-8-13. And that is what I reiterated the following day as well. Those men need to be let off, if at all under oath, not just by a counter complaint?

Day 4: 02.09.2013
I picked up a loosely thrown BSES Bill for my Domestic Home Connection that showed the due amount as 27420/ to be paid before due date 13.09.2013, under my car from my drive-way. The July Bill never got to my doorstep.

Day 5: 03.09.2013
Time: 5:30 PM

We noticed no power supply. Initially we thought it was a scheduled cut. Till I called the BSES Helpline the second time after my first complaint at 7:45 PM. And as soon as darkness fell we heard intruders on my first floor premise which remains vacant and unused.

I immediately called 1291. The PCR came almost an hour late only to further intimidate.

To add insult to injury, it was only when I got a copy of the handwritten Advisory to the SHO written by Er. MP Singh, dated 03.09.2013; that I realized we were paying the price for being honest and following BSES online corporate Social Responsibility, to an Engineer who went overboard with his brief.

The attached documents are an eye opener. A blatant misuse of authority and power that spells doom for the private firm, Reliance as an organization.

A whole night of darkness until following afternoon, forced an old Sr Citizen and me with impending danger from intruders into our house from next door construction, into a sleepless horrifying night. A perfect plot for an intimidating scene of a 3rd rate Bollywood flick, in the heart of Delhi. If that’s what BSES calls professionalism and consumer friendly, I’d only say, DESU was far much better.

This goes back to 01 Oct 2009, when I first officially applied for a change in category from commercial to Domestic for my KC Meter CA No. 100010427 allotted to First Floor that has not a single unit load on it since 2004. I have a receipt of the same that was repeatedly sent to the Nehru Place Office. I have paid all rents diligently unto November’12, when I hand-delivered and got a receiving from Mr. Atul Kr Phone No. 9312714421; 9350814716 on behalf of Mr Pravin Singh, addressed to the Sr. Manager KC Division, South District, Mr. Pandey, dated 28th Nov’12 along with all relevant genuine proofs very clearly stating to convert my KC Meter Category from Commercial to Domestic, which was also supported by the meter reader, Mr. Bohra and several officers, including one Mr. Manoj Rathi Ph: 09212601268 who had written on his Meter Testing Report dated 20.09.2012 too and promised to take it up with relevant officer’s in Nehru Place, who also called to tell me that he had written a mail to Mr Pandey for my genuine case. But on one pretext or another, BSES kept on sending me commercial rate Bills and I kept paying till November’12.

A few logical questions would perhaps help your vigilance to get to the bottom of this,

1. Why didn’t BSES act up on my 1st Official Request Acknowledgement Receipt No. R0110090000339 dated 01-10-2009.
2. Why didn’t BSES act up on my 20.09.2012 Request for change of Category Reminder through Mr. Manoj Rathi’s Meter Testing report?
3. Why didn’t BSES act up on my request letter dated 28 Nov’12, addressed to Mr Pandey, Sr. Manager BSES South Division, hand delivered and received by Mr Atul Kr?
4. Why did it take BSES KC division 10 months to disconnect my KC Meter? For a request pending since 01-Oct-2009 in their system for change of category?
5. Is it because, it didn’t have a single unit load on it?
6. Or because the senior management doesn’t trust their own field staff?
7. What would you call this: a glaring example of BSES incompetent set of staff blaming the consumer for its own incompetence?
8. A classic example of high-handed corrupt practices ghost brought over from DESU, still prevalent within the BSES system?

Because, if the Notice for disconnection, that was never serviced to me, were of KC Meter that is allotted to First Floor, that showed an outstanding of 13080/ (handwritten Note dated 03.09.2012 on BSES Letter-head marked to the SHO, Lajpat Nagar, who further sat on it is with me) over 10 months that has never had a single unit of load on it since 2004, how did BSES KC Meter Division Er. MP Singh manage to cut my Domestic load Meter Connection CA No. 101906652 allotted to Ground Floor that had an outstanding of 27420/- for which your Bill still states, Due date 13.09.13 and for which no NOTICE has yet been served (your own policy states, The connection shall be liable for disconnection on non-payment of all dues (including arrears of previous bill(s) BY DUE DATE, AFTER NOTICE AS PER SECTION 56(1) of the ELECTRICITY ACT, 2003).

But where is this notice?

Can BSES please elucidate their own Corporate Social Responsibility viz-a-viz their line-men actions of omission or commission and their Disconnection Process viz a viz their Er. Mr. M.P. Singh’s high-handed attitude? And what action would BSES take on the erring officers/ linemen in this case?

Would BSES Apologize for their inappropriate and derogatory language used for a Senior Citizen by your Er. Mr. M.P. Singh in his handwritten note dated 03.09.2013 that has no mention of any CA/ CRN No.; hours before he carried out his false ego, stating,
In his letter to the SHO

“It is bring to your notice that Mrs. Sheela Batra R/o E-18 Lajpat Nagar-III is our register consumer who have the outstanding dues of Rs. 13080/ and our KCC Deptt has already issued disconnection notice to Mrs. Sheela Batra on dt 17-07-2013 vide India Post through track result ED066122720 IN same has been delivered on 18-07-2013 and the copy of same enclosed herewith for your ready reference since the consumer easy habitual for making fails complaints, therefore we are intimating you that we are going to disconnection of the electricity supply of above said consumer.”

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