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Connection form

Reported on August 6, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31696

I'm from Vill-Kajheri in sector 52 Chandigarh.
I went to water works office in sector 37 to take form for new water connection.
As I entered the main gate, I saw one man which was standing near gate n I asked him
Where can I get form for new connection. He told me to enter in a room which is attached to
Main gate of the building. There I asked about form n there were three employees n they told
Me I can have then one of them said I can bring form for you from photostat machine from market
Which is worth Rs-100/- (which is actually free of cost). I asked that why form is not available here in the office, he told that it will have be sold by Photostat Wala only. He said pay me Rs-100/- n I will get it for you from him. I told him will go with you
N I will take it n go back from there. We went to photostat machine there I rejected to take the form n
Came back to water work office. I asked him where is the SDO office he pointed me to the SDO room.
I went to SDO then I told him whole story but he said I'll give you the form. He gave me the form
but did not took any action against him . So I came back to my home.

Can anyone tell me what action could be taken against him?
Or will anyone take action against him by reading this?

What is your reaction after reading this report?
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