• Bribe Fighter
  • 8 years ago

Constable and head const. harasment near The Church of Our Lady of Angels

Reported on December 22, 2014 from Pondicherry , Pondicherry  ι Report #48625

Me ,my brother and my fiance(non-indian) in a taxi reaching near to chruch.Suddenly we were stopped by constable and head constable.They started to en quire about us.
then constable was insisting us to go police station to check background around 6pm.
He said it was just formality as pondicherry is in high alert.
I asked him to check here only everything and dont ask us to come station as its too late.
They called our driver to ask 500 INR from me for did nothing just to avoid police station visit?
After showing pan card of my fiance they let us go with out taking money.Also driver informed to them ,"with out doing anything wrong why should i pay bribe".
They were just threatening us to make money from us.
They spoiled our day,we didnt get into chruch.
Later i checked,no police can ask u to visit station for enquiry.

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