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  • 4 years ago

New service connection

Reported on October 18, 2020 from Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #225302

Per meter rate single phase 2818 rs Bribery 3000 so total rate 6000??? Dharmapuri division full ahh ippadi tha iruku. Free service connection agricult...Read more

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  • 6 years ago

Bribery for processing documents

Reported on November 27, 2018 from Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #193464

The office filled with corrupted persons..the higher officers getting bribe directly but they are through some persons .there is one person i know he ...Read more

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  • 14 years ago

International Driving License

Reported on November 2, 2010 from Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #32640

I had to go to US as i was deputed to onsite and i thought the IDL (International Driving License) would be helpful so I applied for the IDL with all ...Read more