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EDMC Assessment & Collection Department Shahdara South Zone Asking BRIBE from My Mother

Reported on February 19, 2020 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #220493

Dear Sir
I would like to draw your kind notice towards HARRASSMENT of a Widow Senior Citizen female being done by EDMC Assessment and Collection Department Shahdara South Zone. In the name of MUTATION of my mother’s house, EDMC Assessment and Collection Department Shahdara South Zone is asking Rs. 5,000 more from us to do it.
I have applied online Mutation on 22-09-2019 at EDMC website of my mother SMT. SATWANT KAUR for House No.2729 St.No 4 Bihari Colony Shahdara Delhi-32. I have also paid Mutation Fee Rs. 1,500 online. One of House tax officer Mr. Chaman Seth, living in our Colony came to our home and asked for BRIBE. When we did not give BRIBE, he threatened to reject our Mutation request. I told him to reject it as I knew well that he could not reject it on the basis of not giving him bribe. Hence, online it was approved.
03 months have been passed away to this matter but last week on 13 Feb 2020 we got one NOTICE (REFER ATTACHED) from EDMC Assessment and Collection Department Shahdara South Zone asking some details and taking legal action against my mother. However, I would like to say that we have paid proper tax against our property. I went to house tax office shahdara south zone in 18 Block geeta colony asking the reason reason to send notice by EDMC on 17.02.20. I met Mr. Chaman Seth there and gave all relevant papers and tax paid receipts as well and mutation papers as well. I asked him about the purpose of serving this NOTICE to my mother. He told that you have to pay Rs. 5,000 as earlier we had not pay him when he demanded 3 months back. I asked him on which account this money you are demanding. He told me to meet somewhere near our colony in the evening, he will explain. I also asked him whether any receipt from department would be given to me. He denied that no receipt would be given.
I have save recorded calls of conversion held between him and me. I have also saved video recording of yesterday morning and night which was communicated between him and me. If we had not paid tax for previous years then it will be other thing. But after paying all tax as well as Mutation Fee of Rs. 1,500 to department online, why my mother are forcing to get in trouble by department in this age.Do not we have any right to live peacefully???? Is it justified to pay bribe to departments for these works?????
Sir, I humbly request you to please look into the matter and asked concerned authority to please stop harassing and asking bribe from public and clear our Mutation File further from their hand as we have not done any crime. We just applied for Mutation of our property. It is not a crime. If no action will be taken, I have to move surely for another grievance deparment or Ministry about it.
Daljeet Singh
9873589838 / 81303718114

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