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  • 10 years ago


Reported on July 14, 2011 from Shimla , Himachal Pradesh  ι Report #31720

Any body who after a long Q reaches the counter for any type of work done is asked to pay a certain amount which includes the govt. dues plus an unknown amount. A receipt is printed and a few printed parchis are attached and given to the person. Then only it is known to the person that a certain amount (50/100/200 and more),he has paid for' for which he was not informed. It is just like the old system of extracting money by the muscle men. Some times it is extorted in the name of red cross and some times for local melas. The person at the counter not even asks if you are to willing to pay this extortion or not. it is made mandatory for all. A person who is to pay a sum of Rs 50/= for his learning license

is made to pay another 50 for this extortion. This particular case is at PALAMPUR in Himachal Pradesh. And no body can ask where such huge amounts collected are accounted for and spent. Further if the currency notes can be faked, why not these parchis.

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