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I wanted a medical fitness certificate for joining Central Govt.…

Reported on December 13, 2013 from Kottayam , Kerala  ι Report #38508

I wanted a medical fitness certificate for joining Central Govt. Service.I went to Govt. Taluk Hospital,Kanjirapally,Kerala for obtaining it.
The Superintend in the hospital after making some examinations wrote the certificate and signed it.Before putting office seal over the certificate ,He asked me to pay Rs 100 to 200.I felt something was wrong.
I asked him for a receipt for the payment that i was about to make to ensure that it was legal.He said he could not give any receipt. He asked me back my certificate. I told him that I will make a complaint of his action,since he has already done examination and signed it.
When I made the point that I will not pay anything illegal,He tried to vindicate that he was legally entitled by Govt to collect charge for certificate.He even wrote me a written letter signed by him stating the same(I have it with me).
I told him that I can only pay the same after verifying his claims.
I want to know whether a government doctor can collect money for Medical Certificate without any receipt?

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