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  • 7 years ago

Firm offers bribes in govt department

Reported on May 8, 2016 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #103277

A firm with its various sister concerns
1. M/s Axis Infoline Pvt Ltd - Director:
A. Sankalp Jain (mob. 9310004473)
B. Meera Goel (9312340256)

2. M/s VSE Infosystem Pvt Ltd - Director:
A. Vijay Kumar Gupta (mob 931050448)
B. Sankalp Jain (Mob. 9310004473)

3. Axis Marketing
Virendra Goel (mob: 9312340256)

4. Paras Electronics
Sankalp jain (mob. 9310004473)

5. V. S. Enterprises
Sankalp jain (mob. 9310004473)

6. Essanze Management India Pvt Ltd
Sankalp jain (mob. 9310004473)
Sunil Kaul

And many more firms have been participating in various Government / PSU Departments & Ministries with its fake documents i.e. Balance sheet, pan cards, ITR's, Manufacturing Authorizations and many more documents but they have never been black listed or debarred from such Govt. Department / Ministries after knowing the truth as they have been bribing in these Departments from a lower level cleark to higher ministers in Delhi & Uttar Pradesh to participate & collect orders from various Government Departments & Minitries.

If someone had tried to go against them these people have threatened them and put their voices down.

Even after bribing iin Government Departments and Offices they have malpractice to give them sub standard materials.

In some cases they had issued fake licences of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and many more softwares.

They had an technology which converted dual core machines to some higher ones like i3 to i7.

Many of Departments had been victim of these and they had never come to know the truth.

Some of major clients were
Ministry of Shipping
Ministry of Health
Commercial Tax Department, U.P.
Various Government ITI's of U.P.
Chief Labour Commissioner, Delhi
Shasastra Seema Bal
And many more as the list is end less.

I think we should stand against these people or they will make conditions worst in coming days. As Government persons will not work untill they have been bribed due to these people.

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