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  • 6 years ago

Higher authority of elementary education , assam is trying to save their corrupted official person

Reported on June 29, 2018 from Karimganj , Assam  ι Report #184948

In the month of February 2018 my mother smt. Anita roy got retirement from 416 jiyadhara L. P School as she was a primary level teacher under assam govt. Before giving her a retirement notice as her retirement date was 28th February 2018 the head assistant of south block elementary education,karimganj whose name is Ifzal hoque called my mother over phone to visit his house accordingly me along with my mother went to his house after that by showing many causes that ifzal hoque demanded rs. 60,000/- (sixty thousand) for processing of my mother's pension with a warning that if she doesn't pay him money than her final pension book as well as her final monthly pension she will not be able to get during her lifetime And all these conversations I recorded in my phone as audio recording.. However i informed about the matter to Deputy inspector of schools and he forward the complain letter to director of elementary education, guwahati, assam.. Hence Director of elementary education requested to Deputy Commissioner of karimganj to make an enquiry vide letter number ECA-12/2018/3 dated 13th april 2018 and by the order of Director of elementary education the enquiry was conducted by the Deputy commissioner of karimganj. moreover, the deputy commissioner karimganj in a local news channel also stated that the ifzal hoque is a culprit and he takes money always from the teachers.But the fact of the matter is that enquiry report has send to the office of Director of elementary education even that also till date no action has been taken by the Director of elementary education as he knows everything. I tried to contact the Director of elementary education but he got angry on me and said that its a official matter and why i am disturbing him...
So, in this kind of behavior i think its a huge kind of scam and its a huge type of human chain they are trying to save that corrupted official person ifzal houqe who is a head assistant of south block elementary education..
After giving every types of evidence against that corrupted person ifzal hoque the higher authority has not taken any action against him... I gave audio recording where it clearly proofs that he demanded rs. 60,000/-

Moreover the enquiry number is :-KDV(G)64/Enquiry/2018/54 dated 28/5/2018 which was conducted by the Deputy commissioner of karimganj, assam against that corruption .
The Director of elementary education received the enquiry report with a receipt number and the receipt number is :-2847 dated 13/6/2018 but till date no action has been taken by the Director of elementary education as he has a authority to take action against that corrupted official person.
I heard that the said corrupted person ifzal hoque spending huge amount of money to save his service ...
My mother is still unable to get her final monthly pension and her final pension book..
I want strict action against that dirty scam as well as that said corruption .

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