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If any government official denies you the info ASK FOR IT IN WRITING

Reported on August 10, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #35369

My uncle died of cancer in Feb 2012. Aunty has been all alone with one girl child who is in 10th Class. I often visit her place and manages her official works that one needs after the death of the main bread earner. Me and my father solved almost all paper work and updated them. We managed to save her property and all those KYC of cooking gas, LIC, Banks etc on her side but just one- the Gun license.

My uncle had this single barrel gun whose License me and my father never found. On the instruction of my father, I found out some time and went to the collector's office with my aunty. There we asked the clerk to see if the name of my uncle is in Arm and License register as we didn't have license or number. He trie d but he didn't find. He asked me to go to Town Police station and inquire there. We went there.

The madam there who oversee all this said there's no person of that name in the register w/o even looking and she said she had memorized all name plus our area doesn't come under their jurisdiction or watch so she politely ask us to visit another police station under which the area where my Aunt lives come. We went there and the madam sitting there started misbehaving. She didn't open the register and scolded us of having Firearm but no license. She didn't listen to me or my aunt. I requested her several times to look for the name in register and she said that won't work. I asked her if the name you are not looking up doesn't have license and we too doesn't have it, how would we submit that? She said I don't know, that's not my problem but yours. I asked her what does that supposed to mean? If you didn't help then who would help! I turned towards the senior inspector and he asked her to search after which she did and that too in just one register but not the others. Inspector said we need to write application to them and submit.
Next time if I had to go there, I will play this written thing with her.

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