• Bribe Fighter
  • 9 years ago

Jaipur Railway station

Reported on February 23, 2014 from Jaipur , Rajasthan  ι Report #39630

This incident happened three years back at one restaurant at platform no1 jaipur Railway station.I remember it was sunday. I went to have lunch at said restaurant. They charged me Rs 90 for that lunch. Quality of lunch was horrible , in addition to that they gave me dahi vada along with lunch which was so amusing .I tried to avoid that dish I told them to provide one bottle water instead of that dahi vada stuff. But they insisted to take dahi vadas because it was their sunday spl dish . And no change is allowed. I along with my wife and daughter, somehow completed lunch without touching that dahi vada stuff. I didnt argue with any of the staff , to avoid a scene in front of wife and child. I left my wife and child at waiting room and went to station master and asked him complaint book . First he refused to give railways complaint register but he told to write complaint at the restaurants complaint book but I refused to do so. Then I told him if he is not handing over complaint book then I will launch a complaint against him for not handing over the book. Suddenly he agreed to accompany me to the restaurant for sorting out my complaint. I refused to do so but he along with some of his colleques accompanied me to that restaurant. When he asked about their sunday special . They acted that they were not knowing that incident. Then they suddenly agreed to give me drinking water bottles , but i refused to accept. Then restaurant manager came down for negotiation but i refused, I told him i will definitely lodge complaint against him. He told he is ready to accept any punishment i tell him to do. Since i am getting late for the train. I told him to distribute drinking water to all those people dining at that time he agreed to do so. In front of me he gave free drinking water to around 20-25 people dining at that time. Then i left that scene , to console my wife whose face has turned red by that time due to anxiety and anger. After consoling her (which was the hardest thing ) we rushed to catch our train .

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