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Latkee raho kaam nahi hota...

Reported on December 11, 2016 from Barbigha , Bihar  ι Report #139427

Hi team.

Its nice to find a place like this. I just came in touch with this site. So the incident is of driving license issue in 2012 dec.
Hope i have choosen the above options of correct department. If not kindly correct it.

I applied for my driving licence around nov dec 2012 in sheikhpura bihar. First one was of learning one,as per the fee, i deposited rs 150 collected it normally. To make that learning license permanent i applied once again with rs450. And the guy named subhash on the window told me to come on friday for mvi test. I arrived as per the schedule, but mvi was not present. So got next date on next friday. I came as per schedule, again mvi was not there . One of the clerk told me this happens. I got next date on next friday. I arrived as per schedule, this time mvi was not intrested in taking the test. I asked the clerk whats the issue, then he told me not to worry,just give him rs1000 and he will take care of everything. I refused. He told me to come on next friday., my residence is 16 KMS away from sheikhpura in barbigha. Every time i came and returned, now this last time he told me that now the duration of aplication has lapsed. Now i need to apply once again for learnig rs 150. and once again for permanent one rs 450. +all blood report and all.

This all ended up i like this . I dont have dare to apply once again, so i still dont have a driving licence.

Now i am thinking to pay the bribe and get the job done . But i have taken a vow.

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