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Hi Everyone, This is the first incident after accident where i went…

Reported on August 17, 2013 from Bidar , Karnataka  ι Report #35493

Hi Everyone,

This is the first incident after accident where i went to get my Disability certificate in Government hospital In Bidar district. I personally went and met the doctor who was suppose to check me and give me the Disability certificate first i asked through a compounder who asked me to pay Rs 2500 for the disability certificate for which i denied, Later when i reached the doctor he started writing the disability percentage without asking any question and without checking the actual percentage for which i obstructed his work and asked for the reason of the same percentage for which he denied to give me the percentage and asked me to visit the District Health officer, as i know and heard from the sources in hospital the he is one of the most corrupted officer till date, when i went and met him to ask for the reason why he hasn't given me the actual disability percentage certificate, for which he said Dr pande is ready to give the certificate for which he cannot ask him "I don't know in which office i.e. Head of that Centre cannot ask or interrogate a sub ordinate for not doing his job if anyone has answer please let know" after argument he asked me to visit the Orthopedic Surgeon and Head of Orthopedic Department whom " i salute " he asked his subordinate who refused to give me the certificate and asked me to bring the new form in which he wrote the actual percentage and then asked me to visit whenever i need any help.

"Now my serious question the department if at all any senior official reads this is it a good idea to make roam a Differently abled person to meet other official without any reason and if it is mandatory then why don't they make any special timing in a month on which particulary the so Called doctors who mint money without working in Govt hospitals as they run their own despensary in most of the cities, should be made to work for an extra one hour to deal with this kind of issues without fail.

I don't remember his name as soon as i remember his name i will edit this article and will publish again.

Thank you


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