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In July I had to leave for US and I thought of applying for a International…

Reported on October 21, 2013 from Jamshedpur , Jharkhand  ι Report #36893

In July I had to leave for US and I thought of applying for a International Driving License at DTO Jamshedpur. I started the process on the 18th of July and paid the challan at SBI on the 19th of July, since then I had been running around from pillar to post just because I decided to submit the documentation myself instead of relying on touts.

After a week of running around I was told that the concerned person, Mr. Rajneesh, was on leave and he would return on Tuesday (23rd July). On the 24th of July. I finally managed to contact Mr. Rajneesh, however since he does not sit at any counter, and lesser mortals like me do not have access to the inside corridors of the office, he sent a person outside whose 1st question was whether I was getting it done by myself or through someone. Then I was escorted to the court where on a register I was asked to sign and I was given my forms back and was told that I would have to get the documents signed by the DTO tomorrow. When I told him that I was leaving the city next day and a physical presence would not be possible he expressed his helplessness. and directed me towards a tout who asked for Rs 1700 to get the documents ready and in my hand before I left the city next morning. The modus operandi now is that the officials do not ask for bribes but instead send you outside to a tout. I refused to pay the amount and had to let my SBI Challan go waste. I sent an email to DTO Jamshedpur and the DC of Jamshedpur, but as usual they are asleep on the job.

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