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  • 10 years ago

When millions of youths remain unemployed in the country, a few…

Reported on April 29, 2014 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #40731

When millions of youths remain unemployed in the country, a few manage to get proper channels to enter esteemed organizations just by paying bribes to the right person at the right time. Take for Eastern Railways as an Instance. All you need is some money and the right persons who can give you a permanent job, and you can get it done without even appearing in any of the exams conducted by Railway Recruitment Board Kolkata. Neither do you have to belong to Sports Quota, Scouts Quota, or even under compensation grounds. All you need to do is support corruption. So follow the path led by wise men and women . This lady who actually is serving the Eastern Railways at present, can guide you to the proper people, and help you to secure a job at any time you want. We have so many organizations to stop corruption and railways itself has a Vigilance department of its own, that asks the public to report about such mal -practices, but then it's just am eye wash . Here is the uploaded scan copy of the appointment letter of the lady. All you have to do is file an RTI -2005 application, and ask for which RRB Exam did she appear and cracked. While you submit the RTI Application, Just ask the authorities to hand you over a copy of her admit card or justify her recruitment under any such quota that makes special appointments . They wont be able to, because its called super special quota , The Scam Quota. Now a profound question arises, that how do I know it . Well the answer is , she is my wife , and because of this I have deliberately remained separated, and yes it took some time for me too to gain this strength, to complain against somebody who belongs to my family. I hereby do set an example for the Nation, that if you consider yourself a patriotic dedicated son or daughter of this nation, then raise your voice against anyone and every one you come across, whom you see to practice corruption in any form, because both charity and corruption begins at home ........

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