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  • 3 years ago

No Action on FIR No. 113/2018 because i did not pay bribe to Police

Reported on August 2, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #211209

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We got cheated by one layout developers called UDA East County Phase 2, on the day of Property Registration in Sab Registrar office of Hoskote . our property registration no, is HSK-1-1369-2018-19 and HSK-1-01370-2018-19. the layout developers 1 Bharath Kumar K A contact no. 9611007579 AND MUNEGOWDA P. GPA HOLDER OF THAT UDA EAST COUNTY PHASE2 CONTACT NO. 7760642348 . KSISHNAMURTHY PH NO.. 9148838444, 9148837444, 9611101763 ..along with Sab registrar and other group people made us to sign the agreement with wrong address of property. we finalised property of East county phase 2, but they all made us to sign with wrong address mentioning east county phase 3. they all convinced us in such a way that we agreed and signed the agreement and paid all the money by cheques and online transfer.but soon we realised the fraud when layout developers Bharath and others stopped responding us for sale agreement which they promised to do stamping and will send us on which all cheques payment details were mentioned. We stay in Pune.. we came in Bangalore and filed FIR in Thirumalshetty Halli Police Station FIR NO. 0113/2018, Police also confirmed this is a big fraud and assured us they will help us to get our money back and work on FIR immediately. they also assured that they will stop registration happening of layout and enquire with the Sub Registrar. how Sab Registrar can register property which is not in existence at all?
Police arrested fraud person Bharath kumar K. A. ..one ASI that time was asking us to pay some amount (Bribe ) but we said we will pay after we receive our hard earned money back.. but after few hours they released that fraud by arranging some forged cheques as a refund of our money. police kept those cheques in police station and asked us to come after a month to collect those cheques. and asked us to follow up with fraud people for direct RTGS the fraud never did RTGS and we went to Bangalore to collect those cheques and we came to know those were forged cheques when we put those cheques in bank for encash.
when we informed the police the police were not responding properly. they often asked us to come to Bangalore but after going there they asked us to go to Pune and if require they will call us. but never got any response on FIR .. same is repeated since a year , like this we travelled total 8 times to Bangalore till today .
till today we are struggling to get refund of our hard earned money. We are still struggling to get our hard earned money back as till date Police department is not taking action on them
those fraud are still selling the plots. we are requesting to stop the registration happening in that East County phase 2 then only those fraud will refund our money and this is so simple to understand but i don't understand why Police is not understanding this simple thing. Police have not yet stopped the registration of that layout. Because we didn't pay any bribe? those fraud people might have paid the bribe as they are looting the people and stealing money fraudulently.

requesting you to look into the matter to resolve our issue and to get back refund of out hard earned Money.
if necessary all documents proofs can be send to you.

Thanking you.

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