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  • 10 years ago

No water to our home for over a month

Reported on December 3, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31409

In our area (Post office road, yellachanahalli, bangalore 78) the main source of water supply is underground water from borewell everyday and ********** water once in 4 days for about an hour. The ********** water is regular as it is not controlled by the locals i.e. once in 4 days but it is not enough as the water pressure is very low.
However the underground water is avaialble but the issue is that most of the so called muscle people in our area has fixed some sort of valve in the main line after their home which is kept closed 95 % of the time and hence people whose home comes after theirs dont receive any water. The water man takes a mandatory charges from us every month for water supply but when we complained that we haven't received any water, there was no response and as if he vanished in thin air. I guess he can also do nothing in front of these people. We were asked to cough up some 10K if we needed the water but we didn't agree as water is the basic necessity of life and how can people control water by installing a valve n the main line. This should not have happened in the first place. We dont know who the authoriy is on this one but I am sure that they will also not do anything. We have to call the water tankers every week and pay p about Rs. 300 per tanker so that we can atleast carry on with our life.
What a corrupted and dirty state and ********** to stay in. Bangalore and Karnataka are the worst place to be in compared to other states as the corruption is so high that to have the basic necessities of life you have to pay bribe.

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