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  • 8 years ago

Paid bribe to avoid false challan for alleged traffic light violation

Reported on September 15, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #36281

I was driving on Cannaught place today, and while I was crossing a traffic lights a traffic police personnel came and asked me to park my vehicle. As my vehicle bear Rajasthan registration number, he knew I am not a localite. He wanted to implicate me falsely for jumping red light. When I resisted he did not budge.
As there is no proof they have to show that I jumped red light, I was in fix to prove my innocence. Thus I resorted to paying bribe instead of getting into hassel of fighting false allegation.

Can anyone suggest what I should have done? Do police have any responsibility of showing proofs for their allegations, how can a person coming from other state fight such allegation. Moreover why challans cant be paid on spot, this will reduce incentives for them to push false allegations. Do I as tax paying citizen have any right in such scenario, that I should be aware of.

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