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  • 10 years ago

Paid double the fine but not a bribe.

Reported on June 14, 2011 from Warangal , Telangana  ι Report #31863

I was returning from my college on my bike one day, the police stopped us. I did not understand what i did wrong, the constable who has stopped us asked me for a bribe without giving me a reason, i resisted and said him to give me a reason why i should be fined.
I knew that i would not be fined because i had with me all the correct documents like license, insurance and registration papers.
But later we were sent to the inspector who was on duty and he fined me Rs 400 for not wearing a helmet, i knew that the rule to wear a helmet came recently and the first violation was to be fined only Rs 100. But the inspector did not listen to any of this and he just fined me, but he did give me a receipt but i did not know wether or not the money which i paid went to the government or to the pocket of the police.

I would like the indian government to change this method of collecting fines and just like other developed countries, i want the police officer only to be able to write the offense and the fine for it but they should not be given the authority to collect that amount. The indian government should establish other department like the e-********** or other government agency that could collect our fine. This way we could atleast be sure that the fines that we are paying are not going directly into the pockets of the corrupt officials.

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