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Reported on August 23, 2013 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #35774

Respected Sir,

We wish to bring to your kind attention that our office Trade Wings Tax Experts Limited is located at 26, Sai Prasad Shopping Complex, Sector 8, Nerul W, Navi Mumbai. Our company is an authorized service center for PAN Card application of NSDL.

One of our employees Mr. Prashant Ashok Ghone (Cell No 9833621299) residing at room no 9, Plot No D -33, Anmol Chs, Sec 12, Navi Mumbai was the TIN FC In charge and responsible for processing the complete back end operations of NSDL. From 5th August 2013 he was being very negligent and careless about his job. Not giving regular feedback and reports had become his normal practice. For the same Management had regular sent him updates, issued memo and also requested him to not be unprofessional. It was his responsibility to coordinate completely for processing this job. On 16th August one of our Directors Mrs. Sudha Sukhjeet Kaur (Cell No 8082012500) had a one to one discussion with him and requested him to kindly improve his non performance. However he came up with more excuses and so Management asked him to tender in his resignation which he did on 16th August 2013.

However late in the evening he approached the Management once again with the promise that he along with his complete team would come on Sunday (17th August 2013) and complete all pending assignments. All this has been recorded in our CCTV footage. This being a Central Government job it is of utmost crucial importance and needs to complete within a given deadline (24 hours) or huge penalty gets levied on us.

Inspite of giving assurement he failed to turn up with his team on Sunday and came to office Monday morning. Due to this there was a huge backlog and we were being pressurized by our Principals to meet our target on time. Once again our Director Mrs. Sudha requested him to stay back till pending work did not get completed on Monday. This however was not taken in the right spirit by Mr. Prashant who instead of putting in efforts to complete pending jobs ended up arguing the full day with Management with unnecessary and baseless excuses.

On 19th evening at 8pm once again the Mr. Prashant came to argue with Mrs. Sudha that it was not possible for him to continue to work as he was sure that he would not be able to meet the deadline and finish pending work. Mrs. Sudha once again extended company support and assured him that other staff that does not belong to his department would also stay back with him to assist him to complete pending work. However it was as if Mr. Prashant had completely made up his mind that he wanted to leave as he had his own personal work of collection for Parijat Cooperative Bank. He sat on his desk from 9:30pm to 10:45pm but refused to do any work (the same was also witness by our staff Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Krishna)

Mr. Prashant left the office at 10:45pm without intimating or informing Mrs. Sudha (who is also his immediate boss and reporting manager for this project). Also during the time period from 9:30pm to 10:45pm he was on the phone with his brother Mr. Pravin (9833170345) who came to pick him from the office. Apparently Mr. Prashant had communicated to his brother that he was being held back forcefully. Is it wrong for any manager to stay back in the office to finish given deadlines or commitments? It was not that he was in office alone. Management along with 2 or 3 staff members were there with him to support and help him.

On learning that Mr. Prashant had left without informing Management or submitting the Central Government daily backup Mrs. Sudha approached Nerul Police Station at 11:30pm in the night. On duty officer Mr. Kadam ( Mob. No. 8108004420) insisted that since an employee must be very tired after putting in long working hours we should wait for him to report to work the next day. On being asked by our Director that what if the employee does not turn up or alternatively if any data is missing Mr. Kadam asked our Director to go back to office and first check and confirm if anything was missing and also that since you must be having employee address, the management can go to his residence and request him to come to office. This was quite shocking for our Director Mrs. Sudha (She was 6 month pregnant lady and also holds the position of Director for this organization). No NC or compliant was registered and she was asked to leave. On returning back to office she realized that the daily back up and report was not submitted by Prashant and as she was already disappointed with Nerul Police she decided to go to Commissioner Office at CBD Belapur.

When she reached Commissioner Office it was locked and there was no one there to assist or help her. One officer on duty instructed her to approach Nerul Police Station. On the way to Commissioner Office she dialed 100 numbers (Police Helpline) and informed the concerned person about the above scenario and also intimated that Nerul Police Duty Officer Mr. Kadam was not registering a compliant.

Within 15 minutes she received a call from Mr. Kadam to come to Nerul Police. On reaching there once again she requested Mr. Kadam to register a compliant. Immediately she received a call from Inspector Pawar of Kharghar Police station informing her that Mr. Prashant had lodged a complaint against her and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal (Managing Director and Promoter) of forceful confinement and abuse. On hearing the same our Director was shocked and immediately handover the cell to On Duty officer Mr. Kadam.

Mr. Kadam then requested Mr. Pawar (Kharghar) to send Mr. Prashant to Nerul Police so that the matter could be resolved. At 3.00 am Mr. Prashant finally came with 4 more persons (his brother, father and 2 other unknown persons). When Mr. Kadam asked both the employer and employee about the scenario as his moral duty he first tried to resolve the issue however the 2 persons accompanying Mr. Prashant tried to intervene and provoke Mr. Prashant to issue false allegations on Mrs. Sudha. They were of the opinion that even though Mr. Prashant is a manager and in charge in this project he has not given any commitment in writing.

Mrs. Sudha failed to understand what was happening and then requested Mr. Kadam to only ensure that daily back data and pending work should be handed over as it was already 4 hours since she was there at the Police Station. Mr. Kadam asked the employee to go to office to handover data.

At 3:15am on reaching the office Mrs. Sudha once again called Mr. Kadam and requested him to send a constable as she did not want any further charges to be levied on her by the employee. She only wanted data handover to happen in the presence of Police Official. Mr. Kadam then instructed Mr. Sagar (Cell no 7738240882) to come to our office.

When Mr. Sagar reached the location there was a local Bit station officer who accompanied him. Here the whole scenario changed. Suddenly all those who were present there started to portray Mr. Prashant as a victim and started to blame Mrs. Sudha and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal as culprit. The Bit Officer also started to shout that “why you are involving Police in the first place, this needs to be sorted out between you both.” He tried to raise his hand on me. Mr. Agarwal tried to save me and the Bit Chowki officer slapped him in return. He also started the blame game and pointed out that 3:30am on the road we should be paying Prashant his salary. Mrs. Sudha informed him that this is not the protocol and there are norms of settling salary which would be done in due course. Also he concerned Bit officer informed Mrs. Sudha that job was undertaken by company and responsibility to complete it was not the employee’s job.

Mr. Prashant then handed over company data here again the two persons who accompanied Mr. Prashant informed that they would harass the company first salary settlement

After they had all left and Mrs. Sudha and Mr. Agarwal once again approached Nerul police Station as they felt that with the entire incident that had taken place it was important and mandatory for them to have an N.C. lodged

Mr. Kadam though reluctant finally at 05.30 AM gave an N.C. Copy instead of FIR.

Our questions to the concerned and respected authorities are followings:-
1. Why was an N.C./FIR not lodged at 11.30 PM in the first place?
2. Why was the lady Director made to run from pillar to post from 11.30PM to 5.30 AM?
3. Why was a false and fabricated N.C./FIR lodged against Mrs. Sudha and Mr. Agarwal at Kharghar Police Station? Why Inspector Pawar did not re-checked the details with Mrs. Sudha and Mr. Agarwal?

Because of the entire incident that took place Mrs. Sudha had to be admitted on 20th Morning at Terna Sehyadri Hospital reason given by the Doctors are physically exertions, mental pressure, and stress. Doctors could not detect the unborn baby heart beat till 03.00 PM of 20/08/2013, who would have be responsible if they had would be any causality with either the Director or unborn child? As we give this application to you even now she is still hospital, so who is responsible and who will bear the hospital bill?

Our only request was that an N.C. or FIR should have been filed at 11.30 PM on 19/08/2013, why were we harassed the whole night.

I, pray before your honor kindly investigate the matter and take a suitable action against guilty person.

Thanking you ands awaiting your early response.

Yours faithfully

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