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  • 11 years ago

Police vala Gunda

Reported on August 22, 2011 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #31609

In the morning near Gurgaon ********** bazar, a Policemen stopped me on the road and set in my car without my permision. I thought its fine he is Police vala, why to worry. but I was wrong here, he asked money Rs 1200/-, I said 'uncle ji nai hain mere paas' and I asked the reason, He said 'jada mat bol nai bhot saare reason bana dunga me phir betha rahiyo 4 saal ke liye andar' I got affraid I said 'theek hai best possible kya ho sakta hai aap vo batado' he said chal Rs 1000/- de. I got angry and I asked nai ********** to kya hoga he said ' vo to corat(court) main pata chalega tujhe... it was the last sentence he spoke and I took a U turn and moved my car towords court and I said 'uncleji ab Court main hi baat hogi' he said 'tu jaanta nai kya ho sakta hai tere sath' I dint answer a word... infront of the Gurgaon's Court Gate he said 'chal baat khatam kar andar mat leke ja gadi'... I was so affraid but still it was my anger becoz of that I could do this. I knew that in the court he has to prove my mistake which I dint made. I hope he will remember me for his life.

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