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  • 11 years ago

Registration of property:Illegal content

Reported on November 26, 2011 from Jamshedpur , Jharkhand  ι Report #31418

I received notice from the bank to produce sale deed of duplex which I purchsed in Mango, a suburb of Jamshedpur. I have alredy taken loan from the bank for the purchase of house on the land. My EMI is being paid regularly. I contacted my builder/his advocate for registering the land and the house. He has shown the valuation of the land and house to about 30lakhs. I had to pay total of 2.58lakhs which consisted of two components: a) Stamp duty @6% of valuation of property,i.e. 1.80lakhs, b) Illegal charges(bribe content) @2.5% of the otal valuation i.e. .78 lakhs.
Any how I could arrange money for stamp duty but I am not able to arrange for illegal content.
Has the system deteriorated to the extent that fairly earned money of a gentleman will keep on draining on illegal gratifications. My registration is delayed and I am getting notice from the bank for equitable mortgage.
What to do? If I resist bribe, work will be delayed and bank may take necessary action?
I am at a cross road, at my wit's end : what to do?

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