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  • 11 years ago

Regularized bribe..

Reported on March 8, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32438

A Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board inspector was asking for Rs.5000 not just for one year but every year to ensure that we get water regularly.He was pestering me every time he passed across (as I was managing the accounts) that we are not looking after them aka not feeding them and we are sure to face water scarcity. He had one or the other way to harass us. So I told him I cannot take the decision alone but will certainly put across in the meeting with other residents and hinted him that there are residents who are central /state govt. employees. Now he got little disconcerted and requested not to make it so public and never returned till today. We actually wanted to teach him a lesson by registering a complaint with Lokayukta had he troubled us again. He actually told that lot of apartments in the area have this kind of arrangement with him and they never bothered to pay him 10-15K annually. He claims the amount is paltry as all the households in the apartments contribute to the fund.

I'm not sure why he has not returned but if he does can anyone suggest a better way to handle the situation as diplomatically as *******

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