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  • 8 years ago

Soliciting bribe for mo transfer Aurangabad Maharashtra

Reported on June 4, 2016 from Aurangabad , Maharashtra  ι Report #106175

Maharashtra times dated 2/06/2016 Aaorgya cha ghodbajar jorat
With the reference to above news which states how present health minister and its office Mantralay Mumbai are soliciting bribes through their director and deputy director health services
couple of officers from the marathwada region of Maharashtra on condition of anonymity disclosed following
There grievance was they were given target by the present health minister of Maharashtras office to solicit bribes on their behalf for transfer of medical officers and other senior officers and class three servants
Bribe rate 2 lakhs of rupees for class one post
1 lake rupees for class 2 grade 1 mo post
50000 for class III post
Orders for soliciting bribes were given from present health ministers office of Maharashtra state India Mantralay Mumbai
This is a huge scam bigger than NRHM scam of health department Maharashtra state.
The collected amount has already being distributed to higher officers in Health ministry for handing over to the minister

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