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  • 11 years ago

Travelling from Lahore to Amritsar

Reported on August 20, 2011 from Malerkotla , Punjab  ι Report #31627

In 1998 a friend of mine and me travelled through India and Pakistan for 2 months, which was one the most beautiful journeys of my life. When went from Lahore to Amritsar, we were the only tourists and the officer at the border led us into his bureau and told us, he would not let us pass until we paid him an adequate bribe. Well, we simply said no, and he simply made us wait. But back then we were still young and had all the time in the world, so we were talking to each other and joking in our mother tongue for about 3 hours, until he was getting so bored that he finally let us pass. Sitting opposite 2 guys for 3 hours not understanding anything while they were having fun seems to have been too much for him and probabely made him realize that we were not going to pay anything. By hindsight, I don't know if our behaviour was stupid or we even endangered ourselves, still I am happy that we succeeded in not paying anything. Anyway, I congratulate you on the idea of this homepage and wish you all the courage in the world and good luck for your fight against bribery !

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