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Myself Athiya Samreen, i want to report in behalf of my father Syed…

Reported on September 24, 2014 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #43649

Myself Athiya Samreen, i want to report in behalf of my father Syed Moyeenuddin against of a group of government employees who joined with an person named A.Muneer Ahmed and has registered my uncle's property who is residing in USA and has not returned to India since 25 years.The said person has criminal record in past and also after giving series of complaint against him since 2012 to the ex commissioner, ex DCP, ex Inspector and sub inspector of mandi police station, no action has ever taken against him, as a result he tried to kill my brother due to which a FIR was filed but no arrest was done immediately(CC-1580-2013).
On the base of fake General power of attorney this person has appointed a lawyer Altaf Ibrahim who himself said that he has made that GPA, on bases of which these two are fighting the case against my father and our lawyer Syed Shafi has not even cross examine the GPA and has kept my father under wrong impression and just taking money in the name of the case(OS-223-2013).
and now this A.Muneer ahmed has illegally registered the property of my uncle who has ever been to India on the bases of those fake documents, and the sub registrar M.Vivek of mysore is involved in it, without even cross checking the original mother deed copy or Original America's GPA (valid with my uncle's Dr Syed Ameenuddin and his wife Tabossum or daughter Dr Nusheen signature)he has register on 27-june-2014 without even checking correct measurements.
i hope there will be some legal action against these people, for the harassment done and still going on to my physically handicapped father and my family for being true.
i request to cross check all the documents on bases of which these people are harassing my family , by just support of these legal and government employees , the said person A.Muneer Ahmed is free and confident to do all the illegal activities.
i have all the documents to prove scandal
please help us

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