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Vodafone Services Protecting the Stalker ( ******* ) under their Corporate Policy Garb!!!!

Reported on March 29, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32248

Submitted a Written complaint to SHO, Lajpat Nagar received & stamped dated 23/Feb/2011, with a copy emailed to the Commissioner of Police bk.**********@nic.in reference No. is 1866/E-mail dated 23/02/2011.as under:

SHO, Lajpat Nagar Police Station,
New Delhi - 110 024.

On 19Feb My Outgoing got barred! When I called 111 @ 13:35, I was horrified to learn that Some Unknown Person from ******* had called Vodafone Care 111 to deactivate my Nbr? However, When I called them from my Vodafone Number to Reactivate, Pat came the Reply "PLZ EMAIL US YOUR DETAILS"!!!

When I picked up to dial the Ops Director from a landline, VF Care immdly reactivated my ph services!!
Isn't it Strange that a Perpetrator ( ******* ) without being questioned was Not only allowed to tamper with my dtls, but also get it deactivated, while, I the Original Customer is put under the scanner?
To add insult to injury, The Perpetrator is further being PROTECTED BY VODAFONE under their Phony Corp Policy?

Can u even imagine what I went through that 1 hour of VF Care's FOOLISHNESS while I was @ the Bank leaving my Mom (an 85yr old Dependent Sr Citizen) alone @ Home in these Unsafe Times?

Now, when I ask for ACTION against the Perpetrator ( ******* ), the Vodafone Nodal argues defensively, 'ALL CUSTOMERS Are EQUAL'? And suggests that I file an FIR against the Number who played this mischief?

If I have to file an FIR, why shouldn't it be against the Service Provider who has put me through this unwarranted harassment, in the first place?
It's Vodafone who has breached my trust by deactivating my phone on any spurious caller's behest, without counter-checking with me?
So in all fairness Its Vodafone to be held responsible entirely. Moreover, I was threatened by the caller (98119-36434) the same afternoon, at about 14:15 with dire consequences, only after I reported the matter to Vodafone Nodal.

I'm shocked beyond comprehension, how a VIP Customer (by their standards) with an outstanding PAYMENT Credibility of INR 7,500+/m avg. billing since 11 Years, can be compared to an UNLISTED PREPAID CARD Holder?

I also made a personal request to the Vodafone Nodal to assist in tracking down this menace. She upfront refused stating, according to their Regulatory, they have no provision to stop this menace!!!

Thus, I'm left with no other alternate but to approach the Delhi Police to please bring the culprit to book. As also all other numbers that have been stalking me since:

1. 98119-36434 (Prepaid Number under Vodafone Protection)
2. *******
3. *******
4. ******* (Prepaid Number under Vodafone Protection)
5. ******* .

Thanking you in anticipation,

K. **********
Mobile #: 98***-***** (since April 2000) - (Plz ensure my # / address is NOT Flashed, Distributed, SHARED/PUBLISHED)
D/o Late Shri *** **********
R/o 00-*, Lajpat Nagar - **, New Delhi.

Though the Delhi police has not asked me for bribe at any stage, but 33 Days, running from pillar to post, to no respite?
Resultant: While the CULPRIT and the Service Operator sleep soundly, the Delhi Police's laxity has led me to be house arrested for fear of a stalker still unidentified and lurking out there freely?

If this is the way, then why advertize "Report Abuse, Stalking" etc?

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