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I was going from dufferin road, where special vigilance constable…

Reported on June 13, 2014 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #41420

I was going from dufferin road, where special vigilance constable stooped my car and told me that there is checking of films on car window. I came down and shown my car window to him by down the glass. the constable told me that you have no permission to apply film over glass. i requested and shown him the declaration by company according to company declaration it's visibility is 70%. but they was not agree to accept it. after that constable with me gone to senior officer. the senior officer instructed me to give Rs.500/- and they will leave me and also threaten me that there will be a penalty of Rs. 3000/- . after that I told to make the challan. they have issued challan and instructed me to take my licence from Bankshall court. there also two traffic police was sitting to take the case. they have taken 2350/- from me to release the licence. i have asked him for receipt. they called me after 3 days. on 3rd day, the same person handed over me my licence and xerox copy of receipt of Rs. 2000/- when i have asked about original receipt and Rs. 350/-. they replied go straight and donot try to be "gandhi". we have no extra time for people like you. you are maintaining car but have no capability to pay for us. where we will go. the receipt i have got is R 0044110 West bengal form no:- 3581 High court form No:- (A) 23 (CIVIL)/(A) 18 (Criminal)

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