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Hello Sir I wanted to get the licence for selling crackers on diwali I need to know the process and how much money I need to pay to the Municiple corp. for licence and how much to get the temprory

Reported on January 19, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33865

I’m sorry for the delay in posting my reply, but our team was investigating the process, so as to give you full details. Unfortunately, the Bangalore Police Department’s Website was down.


The clearest procedure I have come across so far is that from the Delhi Police Website. The procedure should be the same all over India as it is in accordance with the Explosive Rules 2008 under the Explosives Act.


The Explosive Rules 2008 can be downloaded from the following url.


The specifications for conditions for temporary licenses are given in Chapter VII.



There are two kinds of licences, namely, Temporary and Permanent licences.


You probably would require a temporary licence. You are expected to apply for temporary license as early as June of the year, for the festival that usually happens in October.  The gist of the rules are as follows:


·         If you are contemplating selling only amorces (this means percussion caps for toy pistols) & sparklers upto 100 Kilograms then you do not require a temporary license (However, all the conditions/safety measures must be observed as per Explosives Rules-2008).


·         If you want to sell mixed crackers (amorces, sparklers & other crackers) upto 100 Kilograms or fireworks of a a higher quantity then you must apply for a temporary fireworks license. For selling fireworks upto 600Kg (100 kg of manufactured fireworks of class-7, division-2, subdivision-2 plus 500 kg of Chinese crackers or sparklers) the temporary license is granted by the district Deputy Commissioners of Police concerned.

Applicants for temporary fireworks licence upto 600 Kilograms should either have a ‘pucca shop’ or ‘temporary shed’, meeting the following requirements: -

Pucca shop:-

  • The shop should have minimum floor area of 9 sq metres and maximum floor area of 25 sq metres.

  • Shop should be located on a commercial street or in a commercial shopping centre as per the Master Plan Delhi-2021.

  • Shop must be located on the ground floor of the building and should not be located in sub level or basement or mezzanine floor.

  • Upper floor should not be a dwelling unit.

  • Shop should not be within 15 meter distance from any shop or premises used for storage of any explosive, inflammable or hazardous material.

  • A minimum of 6 meter wide clear motorable road is required (excluding obstructions like electric pole, kerb, covered drains, pillars, raised pavements etc.) on the site of the premises with entry and exit facing the road.

  • Shop should have no electrical apparatus or battery or oil lamp or similar equipment capable of producing spark or ignition and all electrical wiring in the shop should be fixed and effectively sealed or conduited or mechanically protected. The main switch or circuit breaker should be provided at the immediate accessible position outside the premises.


  • Shop should have adequate ISI approved fire fighting equipment.


  • Shop should have independent entrance and emergency exit from open space.


  • Shop should have doors opening outwards. Alternatively, shop may have rolling shutters but the same must be provided with stoppers, which must be functional.

Temporary sheds:-

  • The shed should be of non-flammable material. It should be closed and secured so as to prevent unauthorized persons having access into it.


  • The sheds should be at a distance of at least 3mtrs from each other and 50 mtrs from any protected works.


  • The sheds should not be facing each other.


  • No oil burning lamps, gas lamps or naked lights shall be used in the shed or within the safety distance of the sheds for the purpose of lighting. Any electrical light if used shall be fixed to the wall or ceiling and should not be suspended by flexible wire. Switches should be fixed rigidly near the ceiling and a master switch should be provided for each row of sheds.


  • Display of fireworks shall not be allowed within 50 mtrs of any sheds.


  • In one cluster not more than 50 shops shall be permitted.


  • Temporary sheds shall not be permitted in such open space which serves as the only fall back area for nearby residential or commercial areas. The area for temporary sheds should not be close to any busy market. Temporary sheds should be so located that these do not affect circulation of traffic, contingency evacuation including movement of emergency vehicles and smooth movement of pedestrians. Decision on the above shall be on case to case basis depending upon suitability of place from public security and safety point of view.

The Documentation required to be submitted is as follows:

  • Application form

  • Notarised affidavit

  • Site plan of the premises prepared by a registered architect.

  • Four photographs of the premises (5X7 inches) from different directions depicting the clearance from adjoining shops/premises and other shops of similar nature.

  • Proof of ownership/tenancy of the premises.

  • Any other documents as prescribed in the checklist available with the application form.

The applicant must be above the age of 18 years.

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