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  • 13 years ago

How much revenue stamp is required for the nelamangla panchayat plot registration fees for 30*40 sq.feet

Reported on August 20, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #34087

Please go to the website of the Karnataka Registration Department, called Kaveri - which stands for Karnataka valuation and e-registration - at http://www.karigr.org/. At the bottom right hand corner of the website, you will find a button, which says - Bangalore rural and ramanagara valuation. Please click there and you can download a large zipped file. In the file, there is a separate directory for Nelamangala. Once you open it, you can find out the guidance value for your land. This is not very user friendly, there is no search facility, but with a little time, you will find it. However, there may be one more problem here. Sometimes this data is not updated. I am given to understand that the registration department has now outsourced the maintenance of the Kaveri software to an outside agent. Every registration office has a kiosk outside, run by this vendor, who will provide the accurate guidance value details. On that guidance value, the registration fee can be calculated. As far as I know, it is 6% at the moment, under section 5(e)(i) of the Registration Act.

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