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  • 14 years ago

I am planning to register my new apartment in November/December, 2010. I am being informed by my Builder to pay Rs. 15000/- to commissioner as cash (Black Money), if i dont pay they informed commissio

Reported on August 19, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #34092

Your builder is wrong and playing on your fears. Unfortunately, most people submit meekly and start with the belief that you have to pay a bribe. Many middlemen, such as builders, lawyers, bankers etc. also reinforce this impression. But the blunt fact of the matter is that for a registration of your property, you need not pay a bribe at all. Getting a property registered is your right. Please say very firmly that you will not pay a bribe. What will happen then? At the most, the registration office can delay your registration and ask you to come to office again and again. You must be prepared for these delays, but other than that, they cannot do anything. They have to buckle down and register your property. Now here are some of the things that the registration office will say to confuse you and drive you to a position where you think you must pay a bribe. They will say that your property is registered for a much larger amount that what you have declared and that you must pay more stamp duty. In many states (you have not mentioned where you live, but I am presuming that you are in Bangalore), the registration department has declared the base values for different areas in the city, which is the presumed value of the property. This is done to reduce the scope for both people to undervalue properties and for officers to demand bribes.

In fact, you are on a very strong ground if you say that you will pay the registration rate as determined by the base value declared by the government, or the actual rate you paid, whichever is higher.
Finally, try to shame the fellows who ask for a bribe. Please read the posting - why corruption exists, some observations- which speaks of how an individual successfully resisted payment of a bribe for registering a property in Bangalore. Basically, he was repeatedly asked to wait. When finally he was asked for a five thousand rupees in a somewhat menacing voice, our friend who has posted the story told him that he would insist on paying ten thousand rupees into the Kargil fund - five thousand from the official and five thousand as a contribution from our friend who has made the post. The officer demanding the bribe felt ashamed and said he did not want the money but it was his boss who insisted on it. Our poster then assured him that he would be very happy to give another five thousand from his boss to the Kargil fund. The next morning, the ashamed officers handed over the initial document accepting the submission. You can see the entire story on this website under the heading - I didnt pay a bribe.

Lastly, be very polite, but also very firm. You must speak very clearly and tell them that if they demand anything, you will straightaway go to the Lokayukta (I am presuming that you are in Bangalore). Have you seen the inspiring message of the Lokayukta on our site at - on Air?
Be courageous, and do not listen to discouraging advice. We can change the world, but we must take the first step ourselves. Once again, remember that registration is your right. Nobody can take it away from you.

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