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  • 10 years ago

For tax refund being asked to give bribe of Rs 5000

Reported on December 20, 2012 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #33386

With reference to the communication from Income tax department dated: 16-10-2011, I wasinformed that for Assessment Year 2008-09, there was an outstanding arrear demand of Rs 39, 459 (as calculated on 18-02-2011).
As per, my online Income Tax return form for AY 2008-09, it was found that due to some technical issue with ITR Excel Utility for AY 2008-09, within generated XML file, column 7b (TDS: Taxes Paid) was left blank, while column 2 (“Deduction under Chapter VI-A”) was not accepted by Income Tax Database , which automatically resulted in wrong calculation of Tax Payable(column 8 under “COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX THEREON” ) and amounted to Rs 1,16,632, while as per b) FORM No. 26AS (Annual Tax Statement under section 203AA) for AY 2008-09, it is evident that TDS of Rs 116632 was deposited for AY 2008-09, while Savings (“Deduction under Chapter VI-A” ) were Rs 1,00,000 which should actually result in no outstanding tax liability for AY 2008-09.

After required rectification arrear demand for AY 2008-09 was nullified on 18th Nov, 2011, so requested Income Tax department to initiate the processing of Income Tax refund for AY -2010-11, which was adjusted against earlier demand.

Since 14th Nov, 2011, I have been following up with Income Tax Officer (Ward 46(4)), but he is not ready to respond, he is diverting me towards Income Tax Inspector & a daily basis computer operator, who are asking for a bribe of Rs 5000 to process my refund.

I have already submitted two applications (dated 14th Nov, 2011 & 26th March, 2012) to process refund, but no outcome till now.

Please suggest if there is any way I could get tax refund without giving any bribe ( for my own money)

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