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  • 8 years ago

Full pay and subsistence wef 1990 july , full gpf with intt. wef 1994 , smo time scale wef 1988,

Reported on April 30, 2016 from Hoshiarpur , Punjab  ι Report #102430

My previous report to your office has not brought any relief to me so far from punjab health deptt. my full pay and subsistence wef 16-7-90 upto date, GPF with intt. wef 1994 uptodate, time scale of SMO wef 1/2/1988, arrears of revised pay wef 1/2/86,HRA wef 1985 to 1994, are withheld by ddo/smo/cmo the incompetent authority without notice, without power and competence, without inquiry,without application and compliance of all rules relevant, under criminal corrupt conspiracy as i never paid BRIBE to the corrupt cats of punjab govt health deptt.for the paayment of my normal pay and allowances even.smo/ddo and cmo are responsible fully ,and deptt. never corrected these corrupt officers.,illegally criminal in approach.rules-1.5-1.8, 3.19-3.23, 9.1-9.16, 2.14, 2.16 main rules, and allpenalty rules violated with criminal corrupt intents.but deptt. never took any corrective action to give me justice , despite high court chandigarh order 1996, inquiry report 1993 by dr jassi, and despite my admitted more than 100 complaints.i am tired of this criminal corrupt health deptt.[ death and diseases deptt is better ]of punjab.i am ashamed to belong to it.,ashamed to work under this deptt. since 1980 .i wish to move out of this hell.plz help me for justice under the rules ,laws, high court 1996 march order, inquiry report 1993, facts and evidences on record which are ignored by deptt malafide.under criminal conspiracy.----seeking help for justice --dr kuldeep , MBBS, SMO, PUNJAB PCMS -NO-2853, GPF -1777/PCMS.R/O-JALANDHAR

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