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  • 5 years ago

Gem of an officer - GST LVO 040 commissioner

Reported on June 14, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #208395

I have registered for the GST using Govts online portal https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/. Despite uploading all the required documents, my application was rejected with the reason "1 UPLOAD REQUIRED DOCUMENTS" by following officer
Assist Commissioner
I found the phone number of their office from the net and called the commissioner. First of all they were kind to take my call, answer and connect to the commissioner. I have clarified my view point about the documents and requested whether I have to come to visit him in person to clarify and to check if has any other intention in holding / rejecting my application

However, I found that he asked genuine questions and when I have answered them honestly to the his satisfaction, he told there is no need to meet

I prey and wish India to have all such genuine officers who will do their job honestly and take India to greater height

This post is to honor all such honest officers and encourage rest to join their bandwagon...

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