• Honest Officer
  • 13 years ago

No bribe paid 4 getting new passport!!!!!!!!!

Reported on August 7, 2011 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #32960

When I asked my father that I wanted to apply for a passport,he advised me not to apply for it if it wasn't immediately required because verifying officer charges a hefty amount as bribe for passport.When I persisted that I will get my passport without paying a single rupee as bribe,he agreed.After collecting passport form,I filled and submitted it at the passport office.After a couple of months,the verifying officer visited my residence and verified my documents.Neither he asked nor I shown any inclination for a bribe.I finally got my passport few days later by post.Since then I am trying to convince lot of people not to give bribe for getting a passport and instead apply for it before you actually need it and have proper documents.But most people have a misconception that if they don't give a bribe,their passport won't arrive.I believe that even after having proper documents,if one doesn't get a passport on time,he should complain rather than grease someone palm.

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