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  • 12 years ago

50 Rs. for Sleeper Class

Reported on December 5, 2010 from Nagpur , Maharashtra  ι Report #29478

I was travelling from Bangalore to my Native. I first take a train from Bangalore to Nagpur, then from Nagpur to Gondia and then I have to change buses at least twice. Thanks to our Railway system, since trains never arrive on time, I do not have the luxury to get reservation from Nagpur to Goindia since I can not effort to waste time at Gondia. If do so, I have to hault for the whole night either at Gondia or my next destination from Gondia. I have been in such situation multiple of times. So I get down at Nagpur and take a general ticket from Nagpur to Gondia, which costs 49/- Rs. So I take a general ticket and board sleeper class. As soon as the TC arrived I gave him the general ticket along with a not of 50/- Rs. Without even saying anything he put his signature stamp on the ticket. This is a standard practice and there are numerous people travelling between Nagour and Gondia. When next Ticekt checker came, I showed him the ticket and he undestood that the money has been paid. He didn't questioned me. So here's the rate for you - General Ticket + 50/- for Sleeper Class. General Ticket + 100/- for AC Coach. While coming back from Gondia to Nagpur, I paid 100/- for AC Coach.

If it's a standard practice, why does the railway department release a sleeper class ticket between these two cities which does not requires reservation and make it available at the ticket counters at railway station.

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