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  • 5 years ago

Bribe by Purana Qila Delhi Traffic Police on 2 aug

Reported on August 5, 2019 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #211314

Date: 2ns August 2019
Time: 10:40 PM
Location: Purana Qila Red Light -Left Turn after petrol pump (New Delhi),
Total Police man : 4 (2 young, 1 average, 1 old)

The Incident happen on 2nd August 2019 at 10:40 PM, while i was travelling from Gurgaon to my Home Town via Purana Qila and there was a lefte turn where there might be a red light which might not free to take turn. While turning i might not check the Red Light which was hidden in Tree bushes, due to which traffic police at Purana Qila stops me along with 2 Taxi Car which was ahead of me.
There are 4 persons in Traffic police (3 Young and 1 Old), when they stop me i asked them what was my mistake and then they told me that i jump red light which was not free to take left turn, then they asked me to pay Rs 1000 for Red light jump and told me to show all documents one by one so that they are trying to find that i might not able to provide any one of the document and then they will charge more bribe. I was driving with my wife and the old traffic police man start abusing me without any reason. then the other 2 police man verfying all my documents and then they find that i have all complete documents along with pollution document, then they are starting harassing me to give 1000 Rs , then i gave my credit card as i was not having much cash in my pocket only having Rs400. Then they are intentionally mention that their machine not working for credit card and debit card as they are trying to fine me for without helmet/without seat bealt. which i always travel with wearing seat belt. they told me that they will suspend my license for 3 months then i said that in my 12 years of driving i always follow traffic rules and regulation and never have challan in my life and always carrying complete documents... Even though they are abusing with me and my wife with very bad words, then they took take all Rs 400 from my wallet and didn't gave me any challen receipt and harass me badly.... i saw the guy that he challaen Rs 100 for red light jump and he keep the challen receipt with him only and out of 400Rs he keep Rs 300 as bribe and keep it in his pocket.

Now i don't have challen receipt to file a complain against him, that time i am not able to take action because my wife become scared and started crying after listing abusing words from the traffic police. I am really feeling hurt not because they took 300Rs more from be for just Rs 100 challan, but they harass me and my wife. The question who will take action on him?

As i am service man who give 30% of my salary as Tax and 15% as addition tax on my purchase from which these buglar police man get their salary even though they want more money for their enjoyment. I don't know what their children lean from these corroupt policeman and how they can eat food with these corruption money which is hardly earn by servie man like me.

I know this post do noting , no action will be taken on these corrupt police guys , i am feeling unsafe in the hands of these buglars.Still i want express my pain by writing over here.

Please be aware from Purana Qila Traffic Police and be noted that red light jump challen is just Rs100. So please aware these are corruption born police man they are not for our safety they are just for corruption and they family survive on corruption money.


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