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  • 6 years ago

Bribe of Rs 200,000 per day at Registrar Office

Reported on April 25, 2018 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #181743

Place - Nangloi Sub Registrar Office (Delhi)
Date - April 13, 2018
Person - Sub-Registrar
Work Involved - Rent Agreement Registration

This is my 2nd encounter with this office in the last 8 months. And I'm not the only one here. From the long hours I've spent at this office, I can say with 100% confidence that atleast 90% people who come here for Property Registration/ Rental Agreement Registration or POA Registration end up paying a bribe.
Most of it are through the Dalal/ Middlemen who have taken over this office, so much so that the Information Officer sitting at the front desk himself told me that if you want to get work done quickly, goto so & so shop.

I went for Rental Agreement Registration, of course through one of the middlemen who have setup shop outside, and was asked to pay Rs 1000 in the end just so the Registrar could forward my file and register the agreement. If not paid, we were told that he would put objections on the Registration papers - which by a vague procedure, are to be collected atleast 2-3 days later.
The registrar was putting obscured questions, on a Power Of Attorney Registered by him in his office earlier, he was putting queries just to create obstacles. Then the broker talked to him and he agreed to proceed.
Imagine the magnitude of Corruption & Bribery which takes place here - Atleast 200 people visit this office every day. Some really poor ones, and almost everyone has to pay Rs 500 - 1000. That makes it a whopping *Rs 100000* PER DAY!!!! And thats a conservative estimate.

As my friend jokingly put it - These guys are so corrupt that if you throw money at their face, they'll even do registry for a Dead Person without any documents.

I'll cite another experience of mine. A few months back, I had to get a Power of Attorney Registered. I decided to try on my own without an agent. I made 3 rounds and was informed of additional requirements on top of what was mentioned the last time, and in the end was refused. Later, upon argument was asked to come through an agent to get it done quickly. For something on which I spent 3 rounds, the broker got it done in 1 hour. The broker kept 500 and gave 500 to the Registrar's Office.

I have been one of the crusaders of not bribing, but when it comes to a situation when these officials make me miss my office for 3 day (keep in mind they are not open on weekends, and even on weekdays they work only in certain hours), then my salary loss & mental harassment takes a toll on me. This is what these officials know very well - make a person come back 3-4 times, he will mentally break down and opt for a easy way out. Pay Bribe!
I pray that no one ever has to go to these offices for any work.

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