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  • 5 years ago

Bribe paid for Passport Verification by police

Reported on February 4, 2018 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #178354

I wanted to renew my Indian passport as it was expiring in April 2013. So on DEC 12th 2012 i secured an appointment at 9:45am on January 1st 2013 for "XXXX . I appeared for the interview with my valid passport at the given time at the given place. Everything went smooth until i reached the Passport Officer. The Passport Officer said since i had my last 2 passports renewed/issued out of India, and since i was present in India at the given moment, she advised for a "police verification" to be done. When i raised concern about dealing with "INDIAN POLICE" she reassured me and said "It is a rule since every citizen has to go through this verification for passport. For you since you were out of the country for the past three renewals you have to go through it. As it is you are here why don't you get it done?? she said reassuringly. "And added" Don't worry they won't ask you for anything like they show in the movies". and wished me a happy new year.I was very happy and came home. I stay in XXXX and i got a call from Passport verification constable, don't remember his name on Jan 14th 2013 at 11 am, saying he will be at my house by 3pm the same day. As informed he came to my home at 3pm on Jan 14th 2013. His highness the "passport verification constable" immediately instructed my aunt to prepare some tea and biscuits for him as he searched for my house for over an hour when my house is three houses down the line form banjara hills police station. His highness informed us that he was searching for my house for the past 3 days, called our landline as well as my cell phone number many times but couldn't get through, when on the other hand we were getting calls from all kinds of telemarketers asking us to buy insurance or join club mahindra and get free holidays. He sat down asked who the candidate was and when i reckoned i was he was said " Are you going to go abroad to which country?? I said to America. Within how many days will you be back?? I said I don't know. Then how will i know when you will come back?? i asked does it really matter when i'm going to be back?? His highness got angry" Immediately ,he started with a list of documents to be provided to him for verification and my parents signatures and their written consents. I said except the current passport, i did not have any other document. To which he made a call to banjara hills police station passport verification officer at that time to appraise him of the situation. Unfortunately for him we all could hear what he was speaking to the other person on the line due to the fact he was using a china made huawei phone and he was sitting in a calm air conditioned room. If an Indian Passport has not expired and there is still 3 months for it to expire, one can submit the same passport as proof of address and date birth and education level for ecnr clearance. It has been accepted by the Humble government of India Passport officer, Banjara Hills Police Station Verification Officer and multiple people who collected my documents and verified and re verified them at the Passport Seva Kendra at tolichowki before allowing me to go anywhere near the passport officer. But his highness did not accept the evidence, In spite of his superior officer informing him on the phone that unexpired passport of India with a valid visa in it is proof enough, he was not convinced as his brain was searching for a hidden rule in the Indian constitution which apparently has been missed by many people from the top chain of command. I say this with confidence because he continued having a conversation after the officer hung up for 10 mins on the phone. Finally his highness hung up the call and informed me that it was not possible as i have to go to the police station the next day to clear up the matter. By that time my uncle who was watching all this asked his highness if he is needs something else. Then his highness proudly announced it is a very difficult situation that i was in at that moment and he himself and only he can resolve that issue, but these kinds of things are not for free as they are higher ups involved and convincing them is very difficult. He highness finally said give me a 1000 rupees i will take care of it. My uncle called me aside and said just give them money or else this fellow will become the external affairs minister. Finally, we handed the bribe money 1000 rupees, which his highness immediately pocketed and asked me to sign the paper and he called me outside and reassured me not to worry about the passport anymore and he will personally go and talk to his senior officer and explain to him my predicament and will sincerely fight and get me the passport and i will receive it in a week's time. PS:- Thanks everyone for bearing with me

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