• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Case workers torture people for bribe

Reported on December 22, 2019 from Tumkur , Karnataka  ι Report #218341

Staff Name : Ranganath
Date : 18 December 2019
Time: Between 9 to 6 PM
Location: AC Office, Revenue Department, Madhugiri
Designation: Koratagere Appeal Clerk / Caseworker

Around 2000 appeal trials (court cases) pertaining to Koratagere taluk alone are surmounting before the AC. The average delay for justice is 5years / case, this is the sorry state of affairs in the AC office. Only those frustrated and yield to shell their sweat can only expect justice from this office. These caseworkers swindle bribe on an average of around 10 lakh per annum.
I'm a respondent in a case that has multiplied into 7 suits, primarily due to apathy of caseworker who is negligently inflicting errors. For error (including the typo), the case rewinds back all over again. Altho' AC has directed for submission of order draft, the former caseworker (Manjula) never submitted order draft for over 6 months, now the present clerk Ranganatha also didn't prepare the order draft. Ultimately after 1 year 1-month delay, he demanded 5k for just preparing a draft for AC order. He tortured me to wait for 2 days straight and finally gave an order that again is full of errors grabbed around 1000 INR as birbe. Now I'm again bruised to run around the interation all the way once again.

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