• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Charging higher than MRP

Reported on March 22, 2019 from Karur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #201193

I was traveling in a govt bus from Madurai to Salem

Inbetween the bus entered a ground and there was a poorly maintained hotel named (HOTEL RASI)

After crossing aravakurichi toll gate , it will be on the left .
As I was thirsty , I bought a waterbottle and the MRP is labelled as 20rupees and he(KANNAN) charged me 25rupees and when i asked ,"the original rate was rupees 20 and why have you charged 25"

He doesn't reply for a while and upon insisting he told that the rate will be high in this hotel anyways

Out of curiosity that how he can cheat me simply , i once again asked to give the exact change , he says that "give the waterbottle and go ,the price will be high only"

All the govt buses stops here and this is not like an authorised place and if Iam supposed to take a break in an authorised hotel they will give the products for exact price .

I think i pay that extra5 rupees as a bribe to Mr.Kannan for giving me the waterbottle.Because Iam in thirst and I can't get down halfway and the bus stopped here only.Is it really appreciable

I need to imply the scenario to government and please direct it to the exact department and make necessary actions

Regards : Dr.Aravind

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