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  • 10 years ago

Corrupt and Rip Off ESIC Dept.

Reported on August 23, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #35775

ESIC Bommasandra Regional Office is totally corrupt.Their inspectors especially Nagarajas and Gajananas are totally corrupt.They do not have concious.They keep visiting establishments now and then.They engage the owners with their sweet Conversation and keep saying unit is not coverable.Then they send a notice of coverage from retrospective years. Then insist of inspections of Books and Records by torturing all the time.They keep calling business owners as early as 5-00 in the morning.After much torture they start inspections and keep slapping notice of contributions one after the other.They keep asking contributions even from exempted employees and even for job works done out side also.They even cover the units with ESIC even with units with 4 to 5 employees by manipulating documents.

This is one of the worst dept. in the union Govt. Officials in this dept. are boorish,argumentive and quarrelsome only to extract bribes from business owners.ESIC is the most dehumanised dept with lot of harassment and highest rates of corruption. Here no one knows who is the boss.Glorified clerk called ESIC inspectors is the boss or the so called Dy. Directors are the boss.Both act as jugs and lids when it comes to extraction.This dept. does not respect even court orders or ministers` orders. Union Govt. should order a CBI probe about its methods of coverage,inspections and extaction of money towards contributions and bribes. Govt. should withdraw vast powers given to these misfit and middle aged ESIC inspectors. Persons like Nagaraja and Gajanana will ruin busienss owners because of their zeal to cover units with dubious means to extract more bribes by ruining the business units for their ulterior motives.They must be dismissed forthwith to save busienss owners from these unscruplous elements.

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