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  • 10 years ago

Corrupt in RTO office .

Reported on May 2, 2012 from Viluppuram , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #1866

Sir , to get driving licence i planned nt to any cash to any body and get the licence but still ,they win the race . i struggled and all formality finished without going to any bledy brokers . at last in the time of sighning the final papers , rto inspector having one P.A with ununiform . he hold's all the cash , i see the cash bundle of cash in his pocket . Inspector telling that he is having flags , that govt gave him for 5 lachs to sale in RTO office , i.e why he is asking to buy flag for Rs 300 or Rs 500 . and finally he did nt give me flag also .Using flag name and not giving flag is no:1 forjurry from RTO inspector , this happaned today only . But i wont live him evening i will collect my cash or otherwise flags for Rs 300.
i know that u cann't do anything , but every single person in nation think like this that without giving any cash in govt and do all u work with struggle . then this situation will change . otherwise we youth ready to fight again for independence india . voice of ********** hazare and Raam ********** ji and many youth , but voice wont reach us .
just stand with we change president ,pm and even cm .
we the youth and we the power of nation . pls don;t make us more tempore . change the bledy rules or otherwise we change the nation.
********** **********

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