• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Corrupt TTE

Reported on November 22, 2010 from Katihar , Bihar  ι Report #29789

I had to go to Katihar from Siliguri for a very urgent work. As the plan was made in the last moments, I was not able to manage a reserved ticket. Besides that, the journey is of only 4 hours so I decided to go in the Second class seating. As planned I tried to get a seat in the 2S boggie of "Amarnath Express", but because of the upcoming chatt **********, it was simply impossible to step in the boggie. People were hanging to the window from outside. I decided to move to Sleeper class. So I went in the S5 coach. To my surprise, here too the situation was not much different. People were sleeping in the passage near the toilets. I somehow managed to get a small share in the seat to lay down my back. It was not very cozy, but just for 4 hours I could was feeling lucky to be able to reach in time. Then came the TTE, to check the tickets. As I had a second class unreserved ticket, he informed me that this was invalid and I will be fined Rs. 250 for it. I agreed to pay the fine. When the TTE came to know about my agreement, he stared me with a surprise on his face. I digged in my pocket to get the fined amount, and then presented it to him, but before handing it to him I asked for the receipt of the fine. Now the TTE started to act strange, he said he wont be able to give a receipt for the amount. I rejected to pay anything. Then he said that I then have to go back to the 2S coach with ticket. On this we started to have a discussion. Finally he proposed that I pay him Rs.100 and he wont disturb me for the rest of the journey. I found the deal profitable as I had to lots of work the next day. I paid him the amount. But after a couple of days I am now realizing that I didn't do the right thing. I am feeling sorry to have taken the wrong path. This incident made me feel the the evilness in giving bribes, and I am determined not to give any kind of bribe, no matter what the situations are.

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